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  1. Quick and Healthy Snack Ideas For the Workplace

    Snacks can curb your appetite, boost your energy, raise your spirits, stabilize your blood sugar and help supply you with essential vitamins and minerals between meals-not to mention get you through that morning or mid-afternoon hump. Keep your work munching smart with less than 200 calories.

    Here are some of our favorite work snack ideas:



    • 15 olives of any kind
    • A handful of roasted nuts
    • Jerky - look for turkey or beef
    • Light butter popcorn

    Sweet Tooth?

    • Variety of dried fruit
    • Low-fat yogurt (we love Yoplait Chocolate Raspberry or Brown Cow Vanilla)
    • 12-ounce Mocha with nonfat milk
    • 1 - ounce of dark chocolate

    Protein Packer?

    • 1 cup of unshelled edamame
    • Greek yogurt, with 2x more protein
    • 1.5-tablespoon of peanut butter spread over celery
    • ½ cup of cottage cheese with either chopped carrot or apple
    • Diet-to-Go Protein Shake - chocolate, orange cream or vanilla!

    Need a Meal?

    • Have a cheese plate. 10 olives, one laughing cow original wedge, 8 rice crackers
    • Enjoy a tuna taste. Half-can of tuna, drained with ¼ chopped pepper, 1 Tbls. light mayo and 8 rice crackers
    • Love to dip? Try 1/3 cup hummus with 6 carrot sticks and some pita chips
    • Need a chocolate fix? 1.5 tablespoons of Dark Chocolate chips microwaved. Have a handful of mini pretzels and sliced pear to dip.
    • Wrap it up ¼ cup drained, rinsed black beans mashed, ¼ cup cooked corn kernels, ½ cup salsa, sprinkle low-fat shredded cheese in a whole-wheat tortilla, heat.

    Author: Lillie Lancaster

    Healthy Snack Ideas
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