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  1. Diet-to-Go’s Top 5 Healthy Halloween Treat Pics

    Gearing up for the holidays can be so enjoyable and we love that Halloween kicks it all off! What other time of year do you get to be so thoroughly and frighteningly creative?

    At Diet-to-Go, we are feeling festive and have been trolling the internet looking for the best decoration, costume and, of course, healthy food ideas to give our Halloween just the right touch.

    Because delicious and nutritious food is our claim to fame, we are sharing our top Halloween Treat Pics with you. We judged the pictures based on three criteria; they had to be EASY, HEALTHY and FUN!

    #1 The easy award goes to the Pretzel Witches Broomsticks. Not only are they easy to make, no Halloween party is complete without a cheesy, crunchy treat.

    #2 Who wouldn’t love these cute Banana Ghosts and Clementine Jack-o-Lanterns? And they are so healthy and naturally delicious!


    #3 The sweet award goes to these Mini Caramel Apples. They require a bit of effort but the end results are so worth it! You can also use green grapes with bottoms cut flat to speed up the process.

    #4 It wouldn’t be Halloween without a bit of good old fashioned creepy fun. These Deviled Egg Spiders definitely add a chill factor to your holiday table.


    #5 This delicious Tombstone Graveyard Dip looks harder that it is. Your Halloween party guests will assume you are an artistic genius. Get creative - use whatever dip recipe you like and decorate it with spooky tortilla details.

    Passing out candy this year?

    OKAY, so kids really don’t want fruit on Halloween but you can get into the spirit without sabotaging your healthy eating goals.

    Here are 5 ways to avoid harmful Halloween candy binges:

    1. Eat a full meal before you start passing out candy or trick-or-treating

    2. Pass out candy you don’t actually like (it works!)

    3. Limit the candy to two or three bags depending on how busy your neighborhood usually is (when it runs out, it runs out – no leftovers)

    4. If you do have leftovers, take them directly to work the next day or donate them

    5. Be creative and pass out small toys, tattoos or quarters instead of candy this year

    Author: Brandi Redo
    Brandi is a Certified Health Coach at Diet-to-Go, based in Lorton, VA. Balance is the number one mission in Brandi’s life. In her spare time she loves to bike, do Zumba and play tennis, but hates gym exercise. She is an amateur gardener and nature walker, who is on the constant look out for interesting insects and small animals. Brandi encourages people to “find the sweetness in life.”


    Surviving the Holidays
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