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  1. 7 Healthy Snacks For Road Trip Warriors


    Summer is here and it is time for a road trip! Many people are on a budget for their vacations and food expenses are a large part of the equation. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and even snacks all add up quickly when you are eating out for every meal. 

    If you are taking to the road this summer for a weekend getaway or for a trip across country here are snack options to keep you satisfied as you take in the sights of America. Sitting in the car can easily drain you of your energy so snacking properly to fuel your body is important. Filling up on chips, candy and baked foods sounds amazing but they do not offer you the proper nutrition to satisfy you and keep you for reaching for more snacks than you should. Picking a healthy snack that can be eaten in the car can be tricky. Purchasing a small cooler will help you to pack the snacks that require refrigeration; this will help to expand your snack possibilities.

    Here are some snacks that are road trip worthy: 


    This is a snack that is already packaged and ready to take in the car! Fruit that doesn’t require prep work is ideal, such as bananas, grapes, apples, plums and pears. Although, fruit that requires advanced planning is easy to travel with, too. Chop up melons, pineapple and strawberries then store them in plastic containers and bring a fork to enjoy some fresh fruit from the comfort of the car. Dried fruit is another option that doesn’t require extra work.

    Nuts and Seeds

    These are another travel ready snack and they can provide you with healthy fats that are needed in your diet. Be sure to portion them in advance so you don’t over-do it.


    You can use your cooler to store carrots, celery, bell pepper strips, sugar snap peas and cucumbers in bags that are portioned and ready to eat. If you like to dip in dressing, hummus or peanut butter with these foods, clever packaging can let you enjoy this accompaniment to your vegetables. Take the last of a jar of peanut butter and store your veggies in there is easy and can be fun for the kids (and kid in all of us) to eat. The other dips are easily stored and ready to dip in a small plastic container.

    Yogurt and Cheese

    Your cooler has to be kept cold enough to transport these foods, but they will be a welcome addition to your travel snacks. Crackers and even graham crackers pair nicely as road-worthy snacks.


    Are you craving some protein? Jerky is an easy way to get a high dose of protein and it doesn’t need to be stored in any special way. There are endless flavors of jerky you can buy and comes in a few forms of meat, such as beef, turkey and even venison or bison.

    Protein or Energy Bars

    There are so many companies that make these types of bars that it can leave your head spinning. Look for a bar with a high amount of protein, 10g or more serving, to keep you full. Most come in delicious flavors and have different textures so the large variety can work in your favor. Be sure to check the sugar per serving as some protein bars can contain more sugar than a candy bar.


    Make the healthiest choice when it comes to your road trip drink. Water is by far the best way to stay hydrated in the car. If you need something with more flavor then try some flavored drops for your water, these are highly portable as well. 

    Author: Amanda Kessler
    Amanda is a slow runner, occasional healthy eater, blogger & Boston Terrier lover. Against the odds, she runs after 5 knee surgeries, asthma and a heart condition. She is constantly working to eat healthier foods and exercise. She struggles with both, but is constantly re-focusing her efforts. Check out her blog here:


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